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Who We Are

We are a unique HIPPA compliant medical health app that's compatible for loving caregivers. We allow them to monitor their loved ones health and then customize the type of information they’d like to see at their fingertips. Thanks to technology and its amazing functionality, caregivers can always stay up to date with their loved ones medications, milestones, monitoring different aspects of all health, current health notes, and background family health.  As well as in any respective field and not get overwhelmed by all the irrelevant cycles of caring for anyone with illnesses and or disabilities.

Tracking All Health 

Lyfe Trac is one of the most intuitive caregivers and selfcare heath tracking app, with an impressive database of monitoring past, current, and future health information. In addition, the app provides valuable information about milestones, calendar, medication reminders, and family history with new effects.

Who Uses Lyfe Trac 

This app is the gold standard of medical apps. Available soon for both Android and iOS users, this App has millions of subscribers. Providers use this app to look for relief of dragging paperwork everywhere, to log and monitor important health movements. We make sharing this with whomever needs the information super easy.  We take calculating  patients measurements and monitoring system to a new level.

While the app itself has a free trail and most of its content is easily accessible, access to permanent premium information and functionalities requires an in-app purchase.


Our Vision is to make life itself as a parent or caregiver much easier and less frustrating  time advocating for their loved ones. We are still adding to Lyfe Trac to make it even easier and resourceful. 


We would like  caregivers  to have a hands on health link that they may edit  on-demand, especially during the raging COVID-19 pandemic. On the other hand, the medical app is shareable  for family members and doctors  can benefit from the latest information or health conditions and treatments at the click of a button.

Our Partners

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